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The story of Indian elections

Irrespective of whether you are from the upper class or middle or lower, you will not have an iota of doubt about the dubious nature of the people we go out to elect. I know it is quite like painting all the candidates with the same brush, but those exceptions prove the obvious.

But come elections, we kind of forget the past and get carried away by the collective noise of the media and the news put out by the leaders, their jibes, the over-the-top slogans, their soon forgotten promises and much more. It is a charade we all know of so well, but we are sucked into the vortex of election frenzy because somewhere we feel we need to do it to save democracy in our country.

2019 punjab elections(video script)

The Indian election is like a movie whose story you already know, but still would like to see for the extravaganza and new actors who play the same characters, this time by a new director. But the marketing is so strong that you don’t want to miss it. It is only after you seen it do you realize that it was all hype and could have been given a miss.

Now, come April, we will once again go out and vote for people we have never seen and would never see them again for another four years. That I think is the beauty of the democratic system we have in our country. We are forced to believe that we citizens have the power to change the system by our vote. It is like a magic wand that the new government will make heaven on earth. While for most it may not be true, but it is a goldmine for those whom we elect this April. Till such time we do not have predetermined criteria for these politicians to hold office, it would be like wishing for horses. Accountability has to come with responsibility. I have never heard of any politician being accountable for anything so far. Have you?


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